Create an Oasis at Home: Top Landscaping Trends for 2021

Are you dreaming of a peaceful oasis right in your own backyard? With the ongoing pandemic, it’s no wonder that homeowners are focusing on creating their own personal retreats.​ From incorporating sustainable features to embracing natural elements, the top landscaping trends for 2021 are all about creating a serene and eco-friendly outdoor space.​ So, if you’re ready to transform your yard into a sanctuary, here are the latest trends to inspire you:

1.​ Embrace Native Plants

Why settle for a boring lawn when you can fill your yard with vibrant native plants? Not only do they add beauty with their unique shapes and colorful blooms, but they also provide essential habitat for local wildlife.​ Plus, using native plants saves water and reduces maintenance since they’re adapted to the local climate.​ So, say goodbye to high-maintenance exotic plants and hello to a sustainable and beautiful landscape.​

2.​ Install Outdoor Living Spaces

Escape the four walls of your home and create an outdoor living space that is both functional and stylish.​ From cozy seating areas to fully equipped kitchens, these outdoor spaces are an extension of your home’s interior.​ Imagine enjoying a morning cup of coffee on your patio or hosting a barbecue party with friends and family.​ With the right design, your outdoor living area can become the go-to spot for relaxation and entertainment.​

3.​ Incorporate Water Features

There’s something undeniably soothing about the sound of water.​ Whether it’s a small fountain or a grand waterfall, incorporating water features into your landscape design can add a sense of tranquility to your backyard.​ Not only do they create an inviting ambiance, but they also attract birds and other wildlife.​ So, why not create your own little oasis with the calming sound of flowing water?

4.​ Go Vertical

If you have limited space or want to add some visual interest to your yard, vertical landscaping is the way to go.​ From living walls to vertical gardens, this trend brings the beauty of nature to new heights.​ You can easily transform a plain wall into a lush green backdrop or add vertical planters to create a focal point.​

By going vertical, you can make the most of your space and add a touch of natural beauty to any setting.​

5.​ Create a Sustainable Garden

With more and more homeowners embracing sustainable living, it’s no surprise that sustainable gardening is on the rise.​ From using organic fertilizers to implementing rainwater harvesting systems, there are countless ways to make your garden eco-friendly.​ You can also choose low-maintenance plants and implement efficient irrigation systems to conserve water.​ By creating a sustainable garden, you’ll not only reduce your environmental impact but also save time and money.​

6.​ Emphasize Outdoor Lighting

Don’t let the darkness put a damper on your outdoor oasis.​ With the right outdoor lighting, you can create a magical atmosphere that can be enjoyed day and night.​ From string lights to spotlights, there are endless options to illuminate your landscape.​ Consider highlighting key features, such as trees or architectural details, and use layered lighting to create depth and ambiance.​ With the right lighting, you can enjoy your outdoor space long after the sun goes down.​

7.​ Design for Year-Round Interest

Why limit your outdoor enjoyment to just a few months out of the year? By designing your landscape for year-round interest, you can appreciate its beauty every day.​ Incorporate plants with varying bloom times and foliage colors to ensure that there’s always something eye-catching in your yard.​ Add evergreen trees and shrubs for structure and texture, and consider including hardscaping elements, such as stone pathways or seating areas, that can be enjoyed all year long.​

Incorporate Sustainability

When it comes to landscaping trends for 2021, sustainability is key.​ Not only does it benefit the environment, but it also saves you time, money, and resources in the long run.​ So, how can you incorporate sustainability into your outdoor space?

Create Functional Outdoor Spaces

Gone are the days when the backyard was just a patch of grass.​ Now, homeowners are transforming their outdoor spaces into fully functional areas for relaxation, dining, and entertainment.​ How can you create a functional outdoor space?

Add Water Features

If you’re looking to add a touch of tranquility to your yard, consider incorporating water features into your landscape design.​ Whether it’s a small pond or a cascading waterfall, water features can create a soothing ambiance and attract wildlife.​

Use Vertical Landscaping

Vertical landscaping is a great way to maximize your outdoor space and add visual interest to your yard.​ How can you incorporate vertical elements into your landscape design?

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