Kenya history


Coastal destinations in Kenya like Lamu , Mombasa , and Malindi are excellent places to see relics from the past, with the Gedi Ruins near Malindi and the Takwa Ruins near Lamu as two major historical attractions of interest. Coastal inhabitants, therefore, were greatly influenced by Arabs and Persians who came to the East African coast to trade. Another critical influence on the coast

al communities was the assimilation of religious refugees.


Political parties: Over 40 registered political parties. PNU membership is filled by parties representing Kikuyu and closely related ethnic groups; ODM membership ranks are filled by parties representing nearly everybody else. Political squabbles have also prevented establishment of a new electoral commission to replace one blamed for the disastrous election in December 2007. Recent media reports said Odinga was barred from criticising other parts of the government under the coalition agreement. Political opposition, however, focused on substantial inequities in distribution, particularly of farmland, as well as on official corruption.


Mombasa was at the time ruled by Mazruis, a very violent, local aristocratic Mombasa family who were reluctant to bow to the authority of Muscat. At this stage, one of the more bizarre incidents in the coast's history occurred. Mombasa is also Kenya�s most ancient city, which boasts a long and proud history. The tour includes visits to Fort Jesus, the old Arab quarter, dhow harbor and visit to the Akamba wood carving factory to see craftsmen at work, your drive will also take you past Mombasa Hindu Temple and Muslim mosques.


Arab settlements had sprouted along the coastline giving way to intermarriages between the Bantu and Arabs. This formed the beginning of the Swahili culture and language we have in Kenya today. Arabian settlements grew quickly at Mombasa and Malindi and trade flourished - mainly in slaves and ivory. Persian, Indian, Indonesian and Chinese traders followed, and the intermingling of Arabs and others with Africans formed the Swahili (Arabic for coastal) culture and language, now the mother tongue for the whole of East Africa. Arab traders began frequenting the Kenya coast around the first century AD. Kenya's proximity to the Arabian Peninsula invited colonization, and Arab and Persian settlements sprouted along the coast by the eighth century.


Kibaki was deemed the winner, but allegations of vote-rigging by Kibaki and his supporters have been alleged by Odinga and backed up by Western observers. As protests exploded in anger over the results, the confrontations between supporters of the two candidates have taken on the decidedly unsavory flavor of ethnic conflict. Kibaki, a Kikuyu from Central province, had served as a member of parliament since Kenya's independence in 1963. In 2003, internal conflicts disrupted the NARC government. Kibaki lost the 2005 referendum on a new Constitution, after he changed the constitutional proposals to increase the power of the president.

Kibaki suspended half of the 12-man appeal court and 17 of the high court's 44 judges. An official inquiry revealed that some judges had specific charges for favorable verdicts. Kibaki was inaugurated as Kenya?s third president on 30 December 2002.


Visitors will find mountains offering great hiking, climbing and trekking; unforgettable safaris; popular water sports activities on the coast and even some quality golf courses. Most of these activities can be enjoyed all year due to good accessibility and warm temperatures. Visitors can wander through the well-preserved streets, and there's an interesting museum with a cafe.


Current denominations of banknotes and coins in circulation are as follows:- Coins ? Current programs also include community-based efforts to improve water access and sanitation, enhance agriculture, increase household incomes and savings, foster justice and peace, respond to emergencies, and increase access to quality education.