Computer Science

Computer Science is a vital and wide-ranging discipline bursting with opportunity for innovation and creativity. Studying a graduate course in computer science gives you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge and challenge yourself in this invaluable field of study. Computer Science is unique in the way it brings all these diverse skills together. Computer science is not bound by the laws of phy
sics; it is inspired by them but, like mathematics, it is something that is completely invented by man. Computer Science is the scientific study of computing devices, the software that drives them, and the computational tasks they are capable of performing. Its applications span the range of human endeavors: the physical, life, and social sciences; the literary, visual, and performing arts; law; government; recreation; and virtually every sector of the commercial world. Computer science is the study of the application of computers to people's lives. Computer science is an interdisciplinary field with roots in mathematics and engineering with applications in many other areas like business, science, and art. Computer Science is limited only by your imagination. This is not our parents' profession! Computer Science is about exploring the limitations of humans, of expanding our horizons and having some fun at the same time. Computer Science is in between a rock and a hard place as far as curriculum is concerned. The half life of knowledge in this area is so small. Computer science is the blending of principles, theories and applications of the technologies that underlie the access to information. This science involves studying the structure, mechanization and expression of algorithms , which are methodical processes for solving problems. Computer science is concerned with the design, modeling, analysis, and applications of computer-related systems. Its study at UCLA provides education at the undergraduate and graduate levels necessary to understand, design, implement, and use the software and hardware of digital computers and digital systems. Computer science is much more than programming. Programming is merely the process of translating the procedures we want a computer to execute into instructions it can follow. Computer science is also doing very poorly at attracting participation from women and minorities. Part of this may arise from problems with the public education system. Computer Science is the study of syntactical languages and algorithms; both of these things are based on mathematics and are very exact. I would say the most exact science is mathematics, followed by physics and then computer science. Computer science is still dominated by men. The computer industry is still dominated by men. Computer science is the study of the computing process and the fundamental algorithms, structures, and languages that underlie that process. There is an increasing need for experimental work, and the application of computing science to other fields is unlimited. Computer science is a young discipline that is evolving rapidly from its beginnings in the 1940's. As such it includes theoretical studies, experimental methods, and engineering design all in one discipline. Computer Science is a diverse field with its foundations in the key skill of programming, a deeply creative and analytical skill: How can we program robots to help blind people in their homes? How can computers spot suspicious activities in CCTV footage? Computer science is cool again . At least, that's what the headline at Network World says.