Is google on top?

Google is run by three computer scientists, and Google is an innovator in technology in our space. We're in the advertising business. Google is "librarying" complete copies, but is not selling them or displaying them in competition with the book copyright holder. Google's complete copies are (probably) commercial, but that's not dispositive as to the fair use inquiry for this first step. Google is
widely respected (because they are a very healthy company, with healthy practices and relatively open). But they donít have an open development method, so they wonít gain traction among our minds. Google is having a chance to build all these services from scratch and they are taking their time. Yahoo should do more to feature all the stuff that they do. Google is truly going to the dogs now. Google is taking some features from Firefox, such as the tabs, and adding its own spin, placing them above the address bar rather than below it. The address bar will have an auto-complete feature, much like that of Firefox. Google is much more complicated than that. The Googlebots only sometimes index pages that change frequently faster. Google is creating apps, is revolutionizing ad revenue streams, and now owns Feedburner, which I donít use personally but know its power in our internet world. Google is on a roll. Last year they did a massive upgrade , and changed the way the Web worked, tapping into the news-gathering capabilities of the weblog community. Google isnít going away any time soon. Theyíve consistently produced the highest quality search results, web apps, and now, with Android, an extremely high quality mobile phone Operating System. Google is riding an artificial wave and the shore is fast approaching. There is limited stuff you can do with ads. Google is a company that does software, but it's not defined by it. So why does Google seem to be aping Apple's every move? Google is denying that it has been aiming at becoming an ISP. They are not planning on becoming an internet supplier outside of Mountain View and San Francisco. Google is about to celebrate its 5 anniversary as a public company. The whole world, however, gets to celebrate a different way of life everyday in no small part to the innovation that Google has brought to business and life in general. Google is, first and foremost, a search engine that indexes all content ó legal and illegal, paid and unpaid. It just so happens that Google is the most popular search engine out there, so naturally everyone is accusing Google of doing very bad things because they are turning a profit. Google is essentially your corporate homepage and search / discovery is therefore not just about how up this ranking your corporate page goes. Its about all the other stuff around it.