About ebay

Ebay is a huge market place and the possibilities are limitless. This article explains how eBay helps the little guy. Ebay is touting it as a gift! Pullleeeze - they must think we ALL have their level of intellect! Ebay is a great idea, but itís got to really give and compromise if it is going to help itís loyal sellers and buyers. We arenít in it for charity, seriously, how are we supposed to

eat, we are real people!

Ebay is the SLIME of the world and needs to disappear forever and just go down in the history books as a very large Corp. Iím a current Ebay Power seller and I just cant take there bullshit any longer,but i have no choice other than to stay with them! EBay is responding with a whole new strategic gamble--one some company insiders say is its most ambitious ever. The mastermind is John Donahoe, 47, whom Whitman brought aboard three years ago and installed as president of eBay Marketplaces (and as her heir apparent). Ebay is an out of control locomotive missing the conductor. You see, the conductor bailed out years ago coming around the mountain pass.

Ebay is built purely on trust. That the buyer will pay the seller. EBay is to web auctions what Google is to search and Hoover is to vacuum cleaners. The website had 26 million items for sale at the time of writing, according to Power Sellers Unite's Auctionsitewatch, while its nearest competitor eBid had a mere 2.5 million.