What is bladeless lasik?

Bladeless lasik

Bladeless Lasik is the type of laser eye surgery procedure where an IntraLase laser is used instead of the metal blade - the microkeratome - to create the corneal flap needed to perform LASIK correction treatment. Laser eye surgery is now performed with the use of a computer-guided laser for the entire process. Bladeless LASIK is usually the procedure of choice on patients wh

o have high levels of nearsightedness (myopia). For instance, a patient who undergoes LASIK usually experiences rapid improvement in his or her vision (i.e. Bladeless LASIK is a much less invasive procedure than traditional LASIK. With traditional LASIK, the flap was created with a device that was fashioned after a carpenter's plane.

Bladeless LASIK is exactly one of these more technologically advanced procedures which offer a safer, more customized approach to giving you better vision for which you won't need glasses! Bladeless LASIK offers more flexibility in terms of flap size and thickness that may allow some high risk patients to be treated more safely. Your eye doctor will guide you in making this decision. Bladeless LASIK is a procedure that involves only lasers in the creation of the corneal flap and in the actual LASIK procedure. With normal LASIK, a special instrument called a microkeratome is used to create the corneal flap that is pulled back so that the actual LASIK procedure can take place.

Traditionally, LASIK surgeons have relied on an instrument called a microkeratome for the creation of corneal flaps. The microkeratome is a fine, oscillating, hand-held steel blade that creates a cut as it travels across the cornea. Traditionally this flap was created using a specially designed oscillating blade called a microkeratome. In 1999, a high energy, femtosecond laser, called the IntraLase laser, was introduced to create the corneal flap.

Microkeratome is the blade Lasik procedures that requires of the doctor to cut thin layers of the cornea and flap the hinges in the clear surface of eye. The doctor will lift the flaps and reshape the eyes to correct your vision.

Intralase is one of several techniques and lasers available for performing lasik eye surgery. The Intralase method is a 100% blade-free technique. IntraLaseLasers used in bladeless LASIK surgery offer a more controlled environment. These lasers are controlled by state of the art computer guided technology. Intralase is a company that produces the lasers that the surgeons use. They use lasers instead of blades to create the flap in your eye.

Laser vision correction can be calibrated to avoid reading glasses after 40 if one eye is kept slightly nearsighted (Monovision). Laser vision correction is surprisingly affordable. Many insurance and vision plans offer discounts.