Is real estate for you?

Real estate is highly entrepreneurial and you are measured by how much money you can make. I've been able to make my clients and my company quite a bit of money and guess what? Real estate is on the whipping post right now -- and with good reason. But it's important to remember that the overconsumption of luxury properties purchased with funny money over the past few years should not render old

-fashioned real estate investing for the long-term -- with 20% down -- a thing of the past. Real estate is a fast-paced and rewarding industry, you can set your own hours and you get to make others dreams become a reality, what more could you ask for. Because homes command such a high sale price, the commissions that real estate agents receive can be very high, which is just one more reason new agents are flocking to the industry.

Real estate is the basis of the economy. And if you have a need for a home, it's always a great time to buy. Real estate is one of the last bastions of the free-enterprising entrepreneur who buys properties in hope that they will rise in value because of improvement in market conditions or renovations. Since WWII some of the weal thiest persons in the world have been real estate entrepreneurs. Real estate is a pretty broad area. The basic definition of real estate is the land and anything attached to the land, whether it's natural or man-made.

Buyers are not entitled to all information about the seller and why they are moving. Sellers have some right to privacy and even if the sellers are moving because they don't like the house it doesn't mean that there is a thing wrong with the house. Buyers of co-ops do not technically own their unitómerely shares in the corporation that owns the building. The co-op board of directors carefully reviews prospective buyers' finances and requires down payments of 25% or more.

Local governments get their funding from the central government plus business activities such as land sales and local owned enterprises. If real estate prices are collapsing and local enterprises are closing while liabilities like unemployment is increasing, then the only new source of funds is from the central government. Local real estate agents say they believe the market is on an upswing after months of sluggishness. January seemed to bear that out, with sales rising for the first time in more than a year just before the all-important spring season.

Commercial real estate capital structure looks to be quite weak due to high leverage combined with strong mean reversion in prices. The aggregate loan-to-value ratio on income-producing properties is about 75%. Commercial real estate investors do not buy on emotion. It is all numbers.